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Oncology Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat & Rajasthan

Onco Surgeon In Ahmedabad - Due to different types and different organs in the body, Cancer and its treatment have been a concern for entire human beings for centuries. Moreover, false beliefs and superstitions among the general public about this disease have made it horrifying.

Generally, the various organs in the body are composed of countless cells. These cells are developed, processed and destroyed by a systematic method in which the damaged cells are destroyed, their new normal cells start functioning and the body functions in the limbs.

When this tactical method changes, instead of destroying the cells, their irreversible growth increases and thus, a tumor is formed in any organ of the body which is called Cancer. Cancer is not a contagious disease in any way. It is only a tumor of the abnormal cells that does not contain any infectious organism. So, it differs from TB, typhoid or AIDS.

Yes, the proportion of cancer is increasing very fast. According to a calculation in India, new cases of 9 lakh cancer patients were reported in 2005, which was almost 7 lakh in 2009. According to ICMR data, this disease is growing rapidly in the developing countries like India. About 60% of new cancer patients have been reported in these developing countries only. According to one estimate, by 2020, about 1 million people will die from cancer in the world, 70% of whom will be from the developing countries.

There is a huge difference in the type and extent of the cancer in India and Western countries. The reason for which can be a different lifestyle, such as food, environment and economic conditions, for both people.

The most common cancer in the United States and Europe are the colon rectum, prostate gland, breast and lung cancer. These reasons include their high fatty diet, physical obesity, alcoholism and smoking habits, marriage at an older age (for breast cancer in women) and modern lifestyles.

Whereas mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and cervical cancer are major in India, this can be attributed to tobacco infections, smoking, insufficient nutrition, spicy food and unhygienic lifestyle.

The most common form of cancer in Indian women is cancer of the cervix (30 to 35% of the total case), followed by breast, kidney, mouth and other cancers.

In men, mouth and esophagus cancer are very common (about one-third of total cancer). Thereafter, the stomach, lung, and other cancers come in.

In South India, stomach and intravenous cancers are found only in men, which can be attributed to the highly fried, spicy, intense eating habits and inadequate nutrition. When cervical cancer is very high in women, which is due to unhealthy lifestyle and insufficient nutrition habits. In Northwest India, the cases of mouth, throat, lung, and breast cancer are high in number, due to the habit of tobacco-smoking in this part, due to the high standard and proportion of pollution associated with industrial estates and modern Western lifestyle.

New-born babies are not excluded from cancer, which is mainly attributed to the defect in their genetic structure. In children, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Wilms Tumor, Retinoblastoma and Brain Cancer are the main.

This is the most demanded and most difficult question! Cancer does not happen due to one reason. It happens because of a variety of reasons. The main causes of cancer include genetic predisposition, food habits, smoking, tobacco intake, pollution, alcoholism, obesity, inadequate nutrition, chemicals, unhealthy lifestyle and associated viruses such as HPV, HIV, Hepatitis B radiations, etc.

Long-term unhealed boils or tumors, dietary distress, voice change, excessive coughing, breathlessness, dysfunction, significant reduction in weight, vomiting or diarrhea in the urine, excessive post-menopause bleeding, unstoppable bleeding, etc. are the symptoms you need to take care of and an immediate check up is required to be done by the Doctors.

The advice and guidance of an Oncologist is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Sometimes the patient may not have any signs of the disease shown at the beginning; this time, the expert doctor can diagnose cancer early and heal the patient. A biopsy is needed for diagnosis. Taking a part of the chunks and tumors is called biopsy. The fact that cancer is spreading soon after the biopsy exposes that the patient is damaged is completely wrong. Besides diagnosis of the disease, specialist doctors also have to take help of advanced methods like X-Ray, Mammography, Sonography, FNAC, CT Scan, MRI, Endoscopy, or Tumor Marker and the advanced information such as Radio Isotope Scan, Pet Scan, etc. Cancer is mainly divided into four stages. The first and second stages are considered to be the primary stage of the disease. The third stage is the one that can be long and dangerous. Most patients consult the doctor at this stage in our countries. Cancer at fourth stage is not likely treatable.

Cancer mainly has three types of treatment.

  • Surgery is done on the tumor or aura surrounding it and is removed.
  • Radiotherapy (heat by X rays)
  • Chemotherapy (periodic injection) requires more than one treatment to control the disease of the advanced stage.

The main purpose of surgery and radiotherapy is to control the part in which the cancer has occurred.

In radiotherapy, cancerous cells are killed with X-rays. This requires extremely advanced devices. Furthermore, these X rays can damage the normal cells of the body. In order to prevent this, special sections are made in hospital and while taking therapeutic plaster of Paris, the pieces are made so that there is minimal damage to the normal cells and tissues surrounding them.

Advantages of Radiotherapy : The disease can be curable without surgery so that the risks and deformation in the operation can be avoided. Disease treatment can be done with radiotherapy in patients who cannot have surgery due to some reason. Moreover, this treatment is also provided with the operation (before or after).

Disadvantages of Radiotherapy : Radiation is a risky, expensive and a long method. It has many side effects. This includes mainly cancer of radiation. Moreover, radiotherapy cannot be given back if the disease does not stop after giving the heat. Surgery in early stage cancer is very effective. If the expert surgeon is exposed to the disease completely, then there is a possibility of getting rid of the disease.

Many new technologies have been discovered in the modern era in surgery, in which, laser surgery is the main. Due to various modern equipments such as steplar, laproscope, interlope ultrasound etc., cancer surgery has increased greatly and the results have improved. Cancer cells in the remotest part of the body can be killed with chemotherapy and the disease can be stopped from occurring again. Chemotherapy has to be taken in four or six doses of injection of three or four weeks. Normally surgery or radiotherapy with chemotherapy is necessary, except for certain diseases like blood cancer or lymphoma. Sequence is determined by placing first treatment for this.

Other types of treatments include Hormonal therapy, Immunotherapy and Gene therapy. The results of breast cancer can be improved with the help of hormonal therapy. Although still in the primary stage, gene therapy seems to be able to play a large part in cancer treatment in the coming years.

We all have to try together not to suffer from such a serious illness like cancer by removing tobacco or alcohol-related habits from society, advising people about cancer, seeking doctor's advice early at the time of slightest doubt and as soon as the patient feels all this symptoms, he should contact the specialist in the treatment . In the coming years, new methods of science will still develop new methods to curb this disease and thus, tomorrow will bring a more rosy future for all human beings.

That is why the saying "Cancer is Cancel" is now changed to "Cancer is Curable."